Work in a JURY during a music competition

Some of You are thingking, that work i e Jury dring a music competition is not a work – is a listening music and somebody is giving you a money for it…

It’s absolute not true!!!

It’s quitt deficult job, fuel of responsibillity for the future and young artists on the stage.

Mistely we do have 3 round of a competition.

First has normally not so many different pieces – 1 ore 2 obligatory pieces for every participoents, and some pieces for a free joyce. Duration not longer then 15-20 minutes.

How to find the the right answer for a result when you listen to the same piece for more then 30 times? Wich interprataion is the best one? How to find a key for a right way?

In the secound round we have not so many participiens, but they play longer and more diferent program. Duration is about 30 min. Young and ver talented young musicians… No the same music – mostely complitely different one… It’s very interresting listen to and wach also. Why? Because Sou should find a right answer of the question: witch one You would like to listen to in a final round. When for exemple 20 artists are technichal really perfect – what to do? You have no ather joyce… You have to listen to Your personal voice witch is not allways ones with Your mind… Your mind is dry and Your personal opinien ask: chow much could I forgive… How many wrong notes? Wrong rithem? Wrong tempo?…

At the final round will be more difficult and easier at the same time…

Less participants on the stage but, the repertoire and niveau are much more colourfull… Onely one, what You can do like a Jury member is – listening of Your personal voice!!!
Another thing is – You are responsible for a near future of the participants. They are filling at they own way – mostelly winner and best of the best… Of course it’s right – all of us should thingking in this way – it’s very healthy.
But, what to say young person if this person is just out of the competition? You may lauthing, but it’s very important. I was a few time in a finale of diferent competitions – sometimes wan some of them lose… I remember until today… talking to the JURY… Why am I out of the competition? – You where really good, nice sound, nice interpretation, nice intanation… etc. I ask: also WHAT WAS WRONG? – nothing… everything was fine… Probabely I was born in the wrong famile ore country… ore has a wrong (not-right-political) teatcher…

After all this years I know once: I never want to give my pupil perspective like this – that’s way I traying always have a true answer to my students… We, teachers are responsible for the piont of few and future of the younger musicians…
God luck!!!

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