Johannes Brahms and Hungarian Dances in Bangkok with TPO

Dear friends,

vor a few months we performed J. Brahms´s Hungarian Dances with the Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra (TPO) in Bangkok. All together, wrote Brahms 21 small pieces in hungarian style for piano and 2 pianos. This pieces where so popular, that Brahms made orchestration for 3 of them – No 1, No 3 and No 10.

Orchestration for other dances have made composers like A. Dvorak, A. Hallen, P. Juon, M. Schmeling, H. Gal, A. Parlow and I. Fischer.

I am every time, I listen to the performance from Bangkok with very talented young artist of the Thailand Philharmonic wondering – how marvelous they played and how great the dances are… Thank You TPO!!!

Enjoy the music 🙂



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