Freedom without independent internet?

could we imagine to live in a democratic country, with a parliament, president, free choice of school, profession, religion and no independent internet?

I couldn’t…

But, during my last stay in Kazakhstan, in Karaganda, I was very surprised about that – first, the internet was extremely slow; second, it was not possible to open any internet pages on american servers – for example WordPress, Blogger, iTunes and much more what was not available…

And? – I can see a big develop between now and Kazakhstan 2 years ago. Now, without any problem I could by a prepaid SIM to my Ifone and could have a contact via internet and Viber, Facebook or Twitter to my family and friends.

When I talk to my Kazakh friends, with lives there, in Karaganda or Astana – they have no problem with this case at all. They are using a Russian “quasi-Facebook” (sorry… I forgot the name of this social network…), also email with the ending “” – and feel fry and happy.

Is the freedom connected with a “free internet” only our imagination? – Of course not, but one thing is for me clear after being there – the happiness is not dependent from internet!!!

If You have friends, job, hobby and some money to live – you don’t need to many internet tipicall informations, comments unknown people, and opinions more ore less intelligent politicians…

In this case – it’s really possible to be free without independent internet…

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