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Japan and Europe – my first impression

When asked about the differences between Japan and Europe, I really don’t know where to start from. There are so many particularities in every aspect, which create a feeling of being in another planet!


My first impressions from this time’s visit were as soon as I landed. Tokyo Haneda airport: thousands of people, huge spaces, all quiet and clean! Same conditions at the streets: traffic, many pedestrians, but still, almost no sound of it at all! Feels like watching a movie on mute mode!

All is calm, stress-free, at peace, slow. Which brings me to another peculiarity that I noticed: slow traffic, but, very fast cars. The fastest on the market, actually! It was confusing, to see the streets’ impeccable conditions – no holes, no bumps, good visibility, signs everywhere – and to see all these fast cars driving so slowly! I can understand that the speed limit in the city is low, but I was dazzled to discover that the speed limit on highways is just 80 Klm/h!!

What runs superfast is the Internet! Most people are using their smartphones or tablets, when they were commuting, eating, and even when they are walking. Internet reception works fine in the Metro, which can be 40 meters underground.

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 Tokyo is so far the cleanest place I have ever been. All public spaces are regularly cleaned, even if they are already spotless! Trash bins don’t exist at the streets and smoking is allowed only in designated areas, indoors or outdoors. It is not allowed to smoke out on the street, but there are smoking areas in several places, also permitted in some restaurants.

Design and care for detail is everywhere! In how people dress, how food is ornamented, how shops take care of their windows.

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What touched me the most in Japan, is the character of humbleness and the sense of respect. When a person is talking, even if you don’t agree in the full, you stay quiet and listen carefully – there is always a possibility to learn something new, and the urge to prove that you know everything is just useless!


Respect between colleagues, in the family, towards a guest or a customer, but most of all, respect for Sensei – the Teacher. The literal translation of Sensei is “person born before another”, making absolute sense in this way, to esteem someone who is older than yourself, obviously being more experienced, probably possessing more knowledge and information! How is this so indisputable in Japan and so hard to find in most of Europe in our times? A Professor, a Conductor, a Lecturer or a Soloist is a Sensei and the authority that this person has is simply undeniable.


All of my Japanese experience was for me a Sensei, teaching me new things and reminding me of old important values, for which I am truly grateful!


“EL GRECO” with Orchestra and Chorus

Opera is the perfect unity of all kind of artistic languages. Along with drama theatre we have orchestra music, singers, choir, dancers, light installation, video projection and much more..


Orchestra 1

… Choir


… and all together


Assembling an opera project is quite a process..

The preparation begins with separate teams: Soloists work with the Stage Director, musicians and all singers with the Music Director, dancers with the Choreographer etc..

It is crucial to find a way of good cooperation between us all 🙂 – here George Hatzinasios (composer), Chrisοula Tsimοuri (Choir Director) and me, during Orchestra/Choir rehearsal in ERT (Radio-Television Greece/Athens)


To find the right balance between the Orchestra, Choir and Soloists, we are all working very hard. The title role “El Greco” – Dario Di Vietri is, of course, always involved in the process 🙂


… always inspiring us with his wonderful voice …

Vietri Harfe

Theofilos Ioannidis, who is performing in “EL GRECO” 3 characters (!!!) – Kalogeros, Paravithinio and III Inquisitor – here during the rehearsal – always concentrated 😉


Cheerful as usual – the Horn section! 🙂


… and Trombones …


… it can be possible, that sometimes the musicians will need a conductor …!


… just someone who will show the “ONE” …


… so far, the preparation of the musical part is finished  – we can move to the Theatre … on the Stage …


… and on the right side of the Building …  “EL GRECO”, our Opera …



With the Choir on the Stage..


An excellent Conductor, my friend, maestro Michalis Economou, visited the stage rehearsal. He helped with the preparation of the NTUA Choir. Thank you Michalis, you are always WELCOME!! 🙂


Click for more official informations in English language

Click for more official informations in German language

Click for Tickets


ElGreco Flyer 2

To be continued.. 🙂


“El Greco” – Dario Di Vietri and first meeting with the Orchestra

Could you imagine an Opera without Stars?

I cannot imagine “El Greco” without our Star-Tenor – Dario Di Vietri !!


With his beautiful voice, natural charm and stage charisma, he is incarnating the title role of “El Greco” as a renaissance lover of beauty and Art…


… sometimes we are singing together – of course with the composer – Maestro Hatzinasios on the piano 🙂


In the meantime we started the Orchestra rehearsals. It is such an inspiring sensation, to play music which was never performed before.. First contact with the piece, feeling the melody and the rhythm, exploring the emotions..


Wonderful musicians of the Orchestra with the happiest section – Horn players 🙂


Maestro Hatzinasios is constantly with us – a deliverer of inspiration and infinite optimism, always checking every musical harmony 🙂 

Can’t wait to start the Stage rehearsals… – just a few days more of waiting.. and working… 🙂

To be continued..


“El Greco” – Opera in process

Making Opera is a long and complicated process. It takes a brilliant composer and a devoted, hard-working team of artists, to compile music, libretto and drama, for the beauty of Opera to be captured. We have the pleasure and great honor to be a part of this creation. We, the “El Greco” team!!

The composer – George Hatzinasios: without him,”El Greco” would not come to life…

George Hatzinasios

…playing piano, showing the right way of interpretation, always accompanied by his good mood and immense optimism.

Stage Director “DIRETTORE” – Vasilis Anastasiou: the man of creativity, inspiration and “magic” on the stage.


He knows and shows exactly where is the “ONE” in the drama and in the music 🙂


Silvia Dalla Benetta – a beautiful person with an angelic voice 🙂


… always professional…


You know Silvia as “Violetta” in Verdi’s “La Traviata” or “Norma” in Bellini’s master Opera. Not only a great music interpreter,  she also knows how to “die with a smile”! 🙂

.. with Christos Delizonas as a very sad “El Greco” 😀


Omar Kamata – baritone lirico. His professionalism and bass melodies are the foundation of our work!


When someone or something is moving or dancing on the stage, only one person knows exactly when, where and how to do it properly. Our skillful and competent choreographer, Maria Thomopoulou!

ElGreco_Maria_solo.. with her natural lightness and elegance, she can “move” without any effort our team (-of 250 kg total)! 😀


Benjamin Chatzikoumparoglou (Pianist) – who in his breaks is presenting us a mix of Rachmaninov-Tchaikovsky-Grieg-Schumann-piano-concerti!! Here with Theofilos Ioannidis (baritone) 🙂


Marios Kazas (Pianist) – coaching our tenor, Christos Delizonas (“El Greco”).


…to be continued!


P.S. feel free to leave your (kind) comments! 😀

“El Greco” – new Greek Opera, composed by George Hatzinasios

One could say that real Art starts on the Stage, during the premiere…

Maybe it is right.. but for me, working with one of the greatest composers of our time – George Hatzinasios, is making Art in its most genuine form…


During the preparation of his new Opera “El Greco” – making small corrections on the music score, playing, singing and conducting, laughing, telling stories…

George Hatzinasios

Maestro Hatzinasios, who is in marvelous shape, can never have enough of improvising and reinventing his new Opera about Domenico Theotokopoulos – Greek painter, sculptor and architect of the Spanish Renaissance.


Only by being in his House, I have the feeling that I become a part of something extraordinarily significant – so many “Platinum Records”, posters, pictures, smiles, stories… a priceless history! Oh dear…


I am so very much looking forward to the premiere on the 19th of May, in the newly renovated Opera Theatre in Piraeus.


You are warmly WELCOME 🙂


Enjoy Your Life!!!

Good Morning my lovely Friends. I wish You a great weekend with love, helth, happiness, Art and good music 🙂 enjoy Your life.

And of course, Happy New Year!!!



Blut spenden, helfen, vielleicht auch ein Leben retten…?

liebe Freunde, Heute, zum ersten Mal in meinem Leben habe ich freiwillig Blut gespendet.


Und? Und es ist nichts passiert – ich lebe noch 🙂

Es hatte nicht weh getan, die Mannschaft in der Blutstation war sehr freundlich – ich fühle mich zwar ein Wenig “schwach” aber glaube s liegt mehr in meinem Kopf als es wirklich passiert…

Habe viel gelesen über der schrecklichen Unfällen die vor allem in der Winterzeit passieren können – jeder von uns kann betroffen werden – ach ohne Selbstschuld zu tragen…

Was kostet das? – nichts 🙂 Und kann dabei ein Leben retten – also, wenn Sie nichts besseres vor haben – besuchen Sie doch eine Blutstation und geben das wertvollste an die anderen was Sie haben – Ihre 1 Liter Blut.

Es ist wirklich ein grandioses Gefühl einen anderen Menschen geholfen zu haben…

Einen schönen Freitag, meine Freunde 🙂



minal mi dzien bez wpisu na bloga…

I bardzo dobrze – poswiecilem go na odpoczynek… Nie od WAS moi blogoczytacze – na odpoczynek swiadomy – weekendowy – odpoczynek od mediow – od TV, wiedomosci, polityki i skorumpowanej swiadomosci…

Jekze potrzebny – odbudowujacy – ten bez wiedzy na temat kolejnych “wrzutek” medialnych o tragediach, zamachach, oskarzeniach i insynuacjach polityczno-historyczno-obyczajosciwo niespelnieniach na kanwie narodowosciowych niezadowolen spolecznych…

Tworzenie to droga ku rozwojowi – droga do rozwijania wlasnych wartosci i kreowania postaw tworczych mogacych nas przeniesc do swiata w ktorym tworzymy jako ludzie WOLNI od naciskow i sresu otoczenia – mogac kreowac wlasna plaszczyzne idealnosci – czystosci w najczystszym slowa znaczeniu – bez zlych emocji, ukrytych komleksow czy zachamowan…

Niech weekend bedzie dla NAS odpoczynkiem zrealizowanym na SPORT, FIZYCZNOSC, ZDROWOSC i zdrowa WOLNOSC – platworma zozwoju DUCHA i SAMOKSZTALCENIA!!!!

Dobrego, swiadomego i kreatywnego weekendu WAM zycze :)))

Ruszamy sie!!! – opuszczamy “skorupe”

jakze czesto, bedac zamkietym w kregu codziennosci albo przyslowiowej machanicznosci wykonywanych – mniej albo bardziej waznych – obowiazkow dnia codziennego, mam (mialem) swiadomosc powtarzalnosci – skonczonosci wykreowanego przeze mnie i okolicznosci swiata w ktorym przyszlo mi zyc i funkcjonowac…

Jakze ciezko jest sie z tego swiata “wyrwac” – zmienic otoczenie, sposob myslenia, przwyczajenia – zburzyc swoje (pozorne oczywiscie) bezpieczenstwo i zaczac TWORZYC…

Czasami wystarczy tylko rozmowa z kims (dla nas) waznym – dyskusja merytoryczna,co nie znaczy nieemocjanalna – niestety to “czasami” zdarza sie bardzo zadko…

Znacznie czesciej potrzebujemy czegos innego – wazniejszego, wiekszego, bardziej ekstremalnego, intrygujacego… – czegos, co pozwoli zostawic “plecak” niepotrzebnych codziennosci i pozwoli wyrwac sie myslom z zamknietej orbity i powedrowac tam, gdzie sluchac bedziemy tylko naszej intuicji, nie zmaconej przyziemnoscia stereotypow…

Jako male dziecko ogladalem czasami w tv program o znanej parze polkich podroznikow – niestety nie pamietam jak sie nazywali… – zastanawialem sie wtedy nad tym “jak im sie chce”? Czy nie maja nic innego (lepszego) do roboty? Jak mozna spedzac zycie jezdzac po swiecie? Fotografowac i filmowac ludzi, zwierzeta, plemienia, kultury, cuda natury etc.

Wtedy nie rozumialem…

Dzis wiem, ze przywiazanie do skonczonej codziennosci jest ogromnym ciezarem. Zycie wg. stereotypow, gdzie pozycja, statut spoleczny czy wykonywany zawod i wynikajaca z tego iluzja bezpieczenstwa jest kompletna utopia…

Energia i sila tworcza ktore sa w NAS, podczas naszej pozycji podleglej (komus, czemus, urzednikowi, bankowi, tesciowej, toksycznemu partnerowi etc) jest tlamszona, duszona, zabijana i przestaje byc tworcza. Nie jestesmy w stanie tworzyc kiedy jestesmy BRUDNI – nasza tworczosc, praca, rodzina czy zwiazek tez takie beda – BRUDNE i SKREPOWANE.

To nie tworzenie tylko walka o zgnily kompromis – ktory na poziomie tworzenia zawsze jest porazka…

Szczypta goryczy, ktora przemawia przeze mnie w tym artykuje jest tylko i wylacznie odzwierciedleniem odrobiny zalu, ktory wynika z tego, ze tak pozno dane bylo mi to dostrzec… Tym bardziej, czuje sie zobowiazany aby o tym napisac – byc moze pozwoli to komus z Was moi blogoczytacze zastanowic sie nad niektorymi faktymi ktore spotkaly Was w zyciu i sobie wszystko na nowo poukladac…

Tworzmy wiec swobodnie, latajmy wysoko, badzmy dobrzy – szczegolnie dla tych, ktorzy nas nie rozumieja, wystrzegajmy sie zlych mysli i zlych emocji, kochajmy naszych antagonistow – to jedyna droga aby poczuc sie wolnymi i tworzyc rzeczy PIEKNE.

I tego wlasnie, z calego serca WAM zycze 🙂

Freedom without independent internet?

could we imagine to live in a democratic country, with a parliament, president, free choice of school, profession, religion and no independent internet?

I couldn’t…

But, during my last stay in Kazakhstan, in Karaganda, I was very surprised about that – first, the internet was extremely slow; second, it was not possible to open any internet pages on american servers – for example WordPress, Blogger, iTunes and much more what was not available…

And? – I can see a big develop between now and Kazakhstan 2 years ago. Now, without any problem I could by a prepaid SIM to my Ifone and could have a contact via internet and Viber, Facebook or Twitter to my family and friends.

When I talk to my Kazakh friends, with lives there, in Karaganda or Astana – they have no problem with this case at all. They are using a Russian “quasi-Facebook” (sorry… I forgot the name of this social network…), also email with the ending “” – and feel fry and happy.

Is the freedom connected with a “free internet” only our imagination? – Of course not, but one thing is for me clear after being there – the happiness is not dependent from internet!!!

If You have friends, job, hobby and some money to live – you don’t need to many internet tipicall informations, comments unknown people, and opinions more ore less intelligent politicians…

In this case – it’s really possible to be free without independent internet…

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