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Using the technical possibilities on the right way…

the idea is not new – I saw in a few publications about the possibility to have or get live streaming in internet of concerts, seminars, etc.

Yesterday, during the International Evmelia Classical Music Festival in Valis in Greece (, the live streaming works during our concert with Chamber-music for Horn, Violin & Piano: Dariusz Mikulski, Horn (Poland) / Horia Vacarescu, Violin (Romania) / Maria Yavroumi, Piano (Greece)


For a first minute I did’t won’t to believe that’s a good thing.. I was thinking and wired about the quality of the sound and the pictures as well..

After the concert I get so many “likes” via Email and on social networks – I could’t believe..

Some friends wrote:  “…hey Darius, thank You for a wonderful concert and a great performance – I had no idea – it’s possible to get a classical concert in a real time on that way…” – and many like this…

So, even I did’t seen the streaming, after the comments of my Friends I’ll say, they for this case – for making a classical (of course in general not only this one) music for FREE more popular and possible to joy is the TECHNIC used in really a right way!!!


Have a good week 🙂


Johannes Brahms Symphony No 4 with The Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra (TPO)

I had a great pleasure to work with the musicians of Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra (TPO) about the Symphony No 4 (e-minor) of Johannes Brahms – his last symphony, one of the greatest music piece in the history of music. This young orchestra, with the first concert in year 2004 is no more “young” – the quality of musicians TPO after a few years of the regular work together is really fascinated even if You know, there are musicians from whole the world and all continents…

Enjoy the music 🙂

J. Brahms: Symphony No 4 in E minor, Op. 98, 1. Allegro non troppo

J. Brahms: Symphony No 4 in E minor, Op. 98, 2. Andante moderato

J. Brahms: Symphony No 4 in E minor, Op. 98, 3. Allegro giocoso, poco meno presto, tempo primo

J. Brahms: Symphony No 4 in E minor, Op. 98, 4. Allegro energico e passionato, piu allegro

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