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EL GRECO – last rehearsals…

The preparation for the Premiere of “El Greco” – a new Greek Opera by George Hatzinasios at 19 and 20 of May – is gradually reaching the final phase. We are now connecting all the elements: music, singing, dance, drama, lights, scenery etc..

Last rehearsals with the Orchestra – we are working on the harmonies, dynamics, tempi – creating the base for the singers and the dancers..


Theofilos Ioannidis slowly starts to believe that we are in the right character and using proper articulation 🙂 Thank you 😉


In the meantime at the Theatre, the Stage and Drama will be ready. Vasilis Anastasiou – Stage Director is leaving the building just for a few hours during the day and night! How can a creative work proceed without sleep and proper rest?.. – it is only his secret..

He is responsible for (almost) everything – personally checking every details of the scenery, lights, requisite etc..

Direttore_2On the stage the last scenes – trying out the most fitting expressions… (Dario Di Vietri “El Greco”, Silvia Dalla Benetta “Sofia” and Sotiris Triantis “Peter”)


… end appropriate gestures …


Paul Zachariades “Icarus”


Today’s Birthday-child – Dario Di Vietri with Maria Thomopoulou – reggie assistant and choreographer


Partners are watching very carefully what is happening on the stage – always ready for more or less “helpful” comments .. 😉

Here Omar Kamata “Tiziano”, Carlo Torriani “Molino”, Theofilos Ioannidis “Kalogeros”, Benjamin Chatzikoumparoglou (our pianist) and Silvia Dalla Benetta “Sofia” (checking the latest social-media-comments.. 😉 )


Eugene Gunko “Inquisitore” found the right spot to seat..


… just next to ballet ensemble during warm-up …


The orchestra pit is ready as well…


George Hatzinasios is watching all of this with great calmness and good spirit – he knows that he composed a great Opera – we know it too!!


By the way – there are some articles in the official Greek media about the “El Greco”

NEWS 247 click here

and Video by Antenna click here

Click for more official information in English language

Click for more official information in German language

Click for Tickets

To be continued.. 🙂


“El Greco” – Dario Di Vietri and first meeting with the Orchestra

Could you imagine an Opera without Stars?

I cannot imagine “El Greco” without our Star-Tenor – Dario Di Vietri !!


With his beautiful voice, natural charm and stage charisma, he is incarnating the title role of “El Greco” as a renaissance lover of beauty and Art…


… sometimes we are singing together – of course with the composer – Maestro Hatzinasios on the piano 🙂


In the meantime we started the Orchestra rehearsals. It is such an inspiring sensation, to play music which was never performed before.. First contact with the piece, feeling the melody and the rhythm, exploring the emotions..


Wonderful musicians of the Orchestra with the happiest section – Horn players 🙂


Maestro Hatzinasios is constantly with us – a deliverer of inspiration and infinite optimism, always checking every musical harmony 🙂 

Can’t wait to start the Stage rehearsals… – just a few days more of waiting.. and working… 🙂

To be continued..


Wild Eastern? NO!!!!!

my dear Friends, not everyday i do have the possibility to share with You my thoughts – specially about the live and work like a musician, like an artist in eastern Europe and Asian.

Also for my it´s always big experience to work with orchestras from eastern Europe or Asian but really very important one. The tradition of romantic and making Music together, chorus singing, making music on traditional Art together and most of all the SPACE…

I’ve never in my life felled so free then on Kazakh step… The feeling I’am free and can go, where I want to.. Ore horses which are running free… – all of this I never saw before…

Great musicians – fantastic people!!! Spatially the ladies – whowwwww – incredible!!! – during the russian revolution, then the first and the second World War where the INTELLIGENCE send to Kazakhstan to work any mostly to dyad…

The women in the Orchestra I worked with where rally very interesting – with european, asian, russian, and I d’not know what more kinds of the characteristically faces, hairstyles etc – but one thing was the same for all of them – they where very sensitive, all new about it and closed it under the mask of being cool and could.

Just anther story with the making music together – we where really friends on the stage – without political and historical differences ore antagonisms. FANTASTIC!!!!

Sometimes I think myself, how could by by the World without tabloids and cheap TV channels… and of course a few which I know very dangerous idiot – politicians… from the first ore third pages of international press…

Maybe in this case the people will have more ambitions to travel, learn foreign languages, want to know about different cultures, traditions, food and most of all to respect all together…

Now I know – there is no wild Eastern – there is unfortunately no time for life and for making ART by the most of population in West-Europa…

What do You think?

Lutoslawski in Bangkok with Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra (TPO)

Dear friends,

it was for me really great experience, conducting one of the greatest polish composers Witold Lutoslawski in Thailand, in Bangkok with Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra (TPO).

This young orchestra – we played first concerts in the year 2005 – created be Mahidol Music University with Mr. Prof. Sugree Charoensook like a head and Mr. Gudni Emilsson like a first conductor is in my opinion one one most talented and quick development ensemble.

The “Concerto for orchestra” be Witold Lutoslawski is very difficult and complicated for musicians and conductor too – any way – we had really a lot of fun with working and making ART together.

I will very happy if You will enjoy it 🙂

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