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Japan and Europe – my first impression

When asked about the differences between Japan and Europe, I really don’t know where to start from. There are so many particularities in every aspect, which create a feeling of being in another planet!


My first impressions from this time’s visit were as soon as I landed. Tokyo Haneda airport: thousands of people, huge spaces, all quiet and clean! Same conditions at the streets: traffic, many pedestrians, but still, almost no sound of it at all! Feels like watching a movie on mute mode!

All is calm, stress-free, at peace, slow. Which brings me to another peculiarity that I noticed: slow traffic, but, very fast cars. The fastest on the market, actually! It was confusing, to see the streets’ impeccable conditions – no holes, no bumps, good visibility, signs everywhere – and to see all these fast cars driving so slowly! I can understand that the speed limit in the city is low, but I was dazzled to discover that the speed limit on highways is just 80 Klm/h!!

What runs superfast is the Internet! Most people are using their smartphones or tablets, when they were commuting, eating, and even when they are walking. Internet reception works fine in the Metro, which can be 40 meters underground.

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 Tokyo is so far the cleanest place I have ever been. All public spaces are regularly cleaned, even if they are already spotless! Trash bins don’t exist at the streets and smoking is allowed only in designated areas, indoors or outdoors. It is not allowed to smoke out on the street, but there are smoking areas in several places, also permitted in some restaurants.

Design and care for detail is everywhere! In how people dress, how food is ornamented, how shops take care of their windows.

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What touched me the most in Japan, is the character of humbleness and the sense of respect. When a person is talking, even if you don’t agree in the full, you stay quiet and listen carefully – there is always a possibility to learn something new, and the urge to prove that you know everything is just useless!


Respect between colleagues, in the family, towards a guest or a customer, but most of all, respect for Sensei – the Teacher. The literal translation of Sensei is “person born before another”, making absolute sense in this way, to esteem someone who is older than yourself, obviously being more experienced, probably possessing more knowledge and information! How is this so indisputable in Japan and so hard to find in most of Europe in our times? A Professor, a Conductor, a Lecturer or a Soloist is a Sensei and the authority that this person has is simply undeniable.


All of my Japanese experience was for me a Sensei, teaching me new things and reminding me of old important values, for which I am truly grateful!


Dear LOT, I wish you a lot!

Probably everybody reading my blog knows that I love traveling… Traveling for traveling… for knowing new people, new circumstances, solving problems etc..


At the same time, I hate traveling – I am in complete panic, when it concerns flying.. I get a bit crazy, knowing that there is no stability under my feet…

A few of my happiest moments in life are when I am:

– on time at the Airport

– checked in

– having coffee (or something different…)

– waiting for boarding


All of this happened today – more than that!!! – at the airport I met a very good friend of mine – a musician/singer/soprano – Iwona – the beautiful Diva with her wonderful daughter… – they were flying to Florida (USA). I hadn’t seen them for such a long time!!!

Luck, more luck, more and more luck…

Boarding and … I don’t remember any more, as I fell asleep before take-off !!! Fantastic !!!


I woke up one hour before landing, very happy and very thirsty.

My short conversation with the flight attendant:

– Good morning…

– Good morning!

– I gust woke up..

– Good, no problem.. Would you like something to drink, or eat?

– Yes.. with pleasure.. could I have a glass of tomato juice, please?


– Sure. It costs 5 EURO..

– EXCUSE ME?????

– Oh, I am sorry.. this is Polish Airlines (LOT).. If you would like something to drink – you have to pay…

(I did’t ask about food…)

Well, I had some money in my pocket, still, I was so annoyed, that I decided to wait until landing, for having something to drink!


Dear Polish Airlines,

As a Polish citizen, I would very much like to fly LOT, but…

The way to success usually goes through QUALITY, punctuality, responsibility, proper service on board, competitive prices etc…

A glass of tomato juice, a cup of coffee, or a small snack should not be such a big deal…

Don’t forget that your passengers are also intelligent and almost always can choose between Airlines… and the competition is quite good!

Dear LOT, I wish you a lot!

Your biggest FAN


Gipsy? No!!! – musician…

Next day on the way…
A few days ago was in Paris, then my lovely students on the Music Academy in Lodz (Poland); yesterday Lodz – Berlin by car; today Berlin – Stuttgart by car – about 700 km…
Rehearsal, concert, masterclass…, meating friends, listening music…, talking…
It’s really unusual but…
When I am staying at home for a longer (to longer) time – feel like in a prison… and looking with love to my travel bag…

Am I gipsy?
No!!! – just a musician… 🙂

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